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How to Get Through the Holiday Season Intact

holiday season travel Every year we head into the busy last few weeks of the year with hopes of a joyous holiday season. This is true for people in every walk of life, but it can be even busier for those in the trucking industry. This time of year can be a hectic time for deliveries and a terrible time for road conditions and traffic. It can be a stressful month, but all of us at Roll-Rite Ag hope these tips can keep you calm so you can enjoy the season.

Are You Prepared?

We've talked before about making sure you're ready for what the winter can bring you. This applies even more during the holidays. In addition to unpredictable weather, you may have to deal with heavy traffic. These issues can delay you or even sideline you and your vehicle for long periods of time.

Be prepared before you even leave on your route. Know what the weather forecast is for the area you will be driving through and either plan for traffic delays or plan routes that will bypass heavy traffic. Keep in communication with your destination if you're delayed, so they know what is going on. Make sure you have the time to make the delivery safely.

Are You Positive?

holiday season travelLast year, roughly 97 million people hit US roads during the December holidays and that number is probably going to be bigger this year. When the number of vehicles increases, your frustration can also increase. However, it is important to remain calm and drive defensively, not offensively. If you drive aggressively, you can make a bad situation worse and when you are dealing with tons of speeding metal, that is a recipe for disaster.

If you are starting to feel stressed out, take a deep breath, put yourself in the other person's shoes (we all make mistakes), and find some music or podcast to relax with. Be patient and forgiving and get to your destination safely.

Keep in Touch

If you are fortunate to be home every night, this isn't as important, but if you are an OTR driver, stay in touch with your family and other loved ones. If you are at a rest area, refueling, or at a terminal, take some time to call home.

By keeping in touch with your family, you may be in a better mood and not feel quite as alone. Stress and sadness can make a long trip seem even more grueling.

Do Unto Others

It is easy to lend a helping hand during the holidays. Plenty of opportunities arise for charity and donations, but you don't have to wait for a formal invitation. If you see someone struggling, help them out. Buy the guy in line behind you a coffee. Leave a nice note for your waitress. Little shows of gratitude and assistance can go along way towards making others feel better in addition to making your day a little bit better.

Paying it forward is a great way to spread some holiday cheer. Everyone on the road is stressed, tired, and just want to get home. Do your part to help others have a positive day.

Roll-Rite Ag Products wants all of our customers to have a great holiday season and a wonderful 2019! Let us help you keep your vehicles and operations running smoothly and profitably. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you and your business!

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