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Truck Services in Iowa

Roll Rite®, LLC in Council Bluffs, Iowa offers exceptional service at a great price. Below you can view all the services we offer. If you have any questions or want to view more information about the products or service please email or call us at: (712) 256-3893.

Roll Tarps For Trucks

roll tarps in IowaOur Roll Tarps cover not only trucks but also wagons and trailers. If you are a trucker or farmer these roll tarps will protect your cargo from wind and rain so you don't have to worry. Our tarps are vinyl coated.

roll tarps for trucks

Electric Roll Tarps Iowa

electric roll tarpsOur reliable electric roll tarp system allows you to open and close your tarp with a one click action button. If you need to stop or start the tarp at anytime you can as well.

electric roll tarps in Iowa

Truck Replacement Tarps

trailer tarpsWe offer a complete line of high quality trailer tarps that will fit any make or model. Our state of the art technology will insure that your tarp is heat-welded and cut to precise dimensions to fit your truck.

truck replacement tarps

Side Dump Tarp Kit For Trucks

dump kitsThis handy gadget will have you saving time and energy. Our one of a kind electric side dump kit will let you dump your truck load without even stepping out of your cab.

side dump tarp kits for trucks

One-Touch Conversion Kit

This type of conversion kit is meant for the 3500 Series & GT Series Tarp Systems. The One-Touch™ Conversion Kit from Roll Rite is available for existing electric power tarp system.

one touch conversion kits

Grain Tarps & Accessories

grain tarps IowaGrain tarps and accessories will protect your grain from pest, the weather, and spilling. We'll help protect your investment, inventory, and profit. We offer OEM sizes, so they will fit your need perfectly.

grain tarps and accessories

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Roll Rite Ag Products
Roll Rite Ag Products